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عروض عيد الاب! استخدم الكود ٬FD5 واحصل على خصم قدره ٥ دنانير عند قيامك بشراء بقيمة ٣٠ دينار 🔥
عروض عيد الاب! استخدم الكود ٬FD5 واحصل على خصم قدره ٥ دنانير عند قيامك بشراء بقيمة ٣٠ دينار 🔥
جعفرشوب جعفر شوب


Our goal

At Jaafar Shop, we aim to enable individuals to carry out home maintenance as they wish, in a pleasant family atmosphere and while maintaining complete privacy, without the need to seek the help of external specialists. Jafar Shop contains more than 10 thousand products and more than 200 categories and groups with more than 100 agents and distributors.

How did you start JafarShop?

JafarShop began as an entrepreneurial idea from 3 young Jordanians seeking to develop the technological and service sector in the Arab region. They translated their passion into an electronic commercial website in addition to an educational library of videos and articles . The diverse experience of the founders led to the enrichment of the service provided by Jafar Shop. JafarShop has won many awards and received an investment round from Nama Venture

who are we?

Jaafar Shop, which is owned by a licensed Sicilian company and operates under the legal frameworks in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is a website specialized in selling home, garden, and office care supplies, as well as workshops.

Jaafar Shop is an online store specialized in selling all the equipment you need to maintain your home with your own hands. We provide you with all the tools you may need for installation, repair, or construction. We also provide all gardening and car care supplies, as well as a wide range of paints.

Where to find us?

Jordan - Amman - Al Hussein Business Park - Building No. 23 - Zain Creativity Platform

To communicate

You can contact us by calling or sending an email


Who are we? is owned and managed by Seqilia company under the trade license and rules in Jordan.
Jafarshop is an eCommerce website specialized in selling DIY products and tools to help you repair, assemble and build home appliances.
Our Goal
Give normal people the ability to do home improvements, maintenance and DIY works by themselves without the need to wait for professionals in a way that saves their privacy and safety.
Our Address
King Hussein Business Park, Building 23, King Abdullah II Street, Amman, Jordan
Contact information

Phone: 00962798809001


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عزالدين الشيمى - July 16, 2022

بالتوفيق وربنا يكرمكم وتكونو منافسين لأمازون وعلى بابا ونعرف نتعامل معاكم بمصر

محمد صالخ - July 16, 2022

هل لكم وكيل لمنتج غراء متعدد الاستخدام دنلوب في البحرين ومن هو ورقم هاتفه

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