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special offer! Enjoy free delivery on any order over 20 dinars. 🚚💰

privacy policy

privacy policy

Key terms

Website: Referred to as the Jaafar Shop website , it is an Internet-connected system that provides all the services and features that facilitate the flow of the sales process, starting with displaying the product to delivering it to the customer and organizing financial payments.

Data: All digital information collected, whether text, image, or otherwise.

Third Party: All external parties and services with which we cooperate to provide the service.

privacy policy

User privacy is very important to our company. Therefore, we have specified all our privacy policies to clarify the data and information collection policy at Jaafar Shop , in addition to clarifying the usage practices within the site as well as for the services provided.

The user automatically agrees to our privacy policy, as approval of the privacy policy is considered full agreement to all agreements concluded within the site as well as by using any service provided by the site. The user (visitor or registered) automatically agrees to the privacy policy, agrees that he has read and understood it well, and that he is fully bound by all the policies contained therein.

Data collected and obtained

  1. personal information:

When you register on the site as a new user, or when you purchase a specific service or product from the site, you may provide us with personal information related to you, and this includes your name, phone number, and email. If you contact us through the Contact Us page, or decide to purchase a specific product or service, you must provide us with your name as well as some other personal information. All information we obtain within this policy is called personal information.

We do not collect any personal information from a visitor or user when they use the Service, unless they provide other information of their own volition. Some personal information will be able to be used in some of the services provided, and you (visitor or registered user) agree that the site will retain personal information to be used only within the site, to contact you or in purchasing operations.

  1. other information:

In addition to personal information, we may collect other additional information. We may collect some of this information through the following methods:

    • Through your activities: During the continuous development process to develop the service provided, as well as user satisfaction and dealing with the site, we will collect some information about the behavior of the visitor or registered user in every process of visiting or entering the site or using the services provided through the site. This information will be collected, such as: the electronic identification number or (IP) number, the type of browser used, the language used, the type of electronic device used, the source of the visit, the time and date, and the time of stay on the pages of the site, information about the number of times you follow one of the sections. Location, number of purchases, which website services were used, in addition to many similar information.
    • Through history: We also collect data through the use of history or cookies. History is small data that stores small and varied information about the sites that were accessed on your personal computer or phone, and your device will remember this information every time you visit the same sites or other new sites. In addition, we may use temporary history, which means that the information disappears once you close your browser, or use permanent history, which means all the information in the browser about visits to different sites that disappears once you delete it. In addition to collecting similar information, which will greatly benefit in determining the best services to be provided to visitors or registered users. If you do not want this type of information to be collected, you can remove it through your browser. However, if you do not agree to this usage policy, our site may not be able to provide you with the efficiency necessary to provide your needs for services or products.
    • Direct information: You, as a visitor or regular user, may provide some additional information about you voluntarily without any obligation from the site. Which may include this information, type, country, preferences for desired products and services, in addition to other related information.
  • Payment and shipping information

All information about payment cards of various types (credit, prepaid, or other) will not be stored, sold, or shared with any external party.

In order to complete any process that takes place within the site, such as purchasing a product or service, you, as a visitor or regular user, will be required to provide us with payment and shipping information, such as your PayPal account information, the Visa card used, the MasterCard used, or any other means. Electronic payment is used within the site to purchase services or products, and the person’s information in his personal account on the site must be consistent with his electronic financial account information. In addition to providing information about the residential address, country, city, property number, and many similar and related information that are specified on the site. This information may be used by a third party that handles payment operations that take place within the site and that also follows their own privacy and usage policies. It should be noted that this information is highly private, and the site will protect this information without it being leaked, sold, or shared with any other party, unless the third party is used in sales operations, as mentioned above.

Information obtained and collected through a third party

As a visitor or registered user, you agree that the site will share information related to your activity within the site with a third party for behavioral analysis, usage reports, or advertising on the site or on other sites.

The third party may also use dating, animated advertising, or use other technologies to collect information related to the foregoing matters. The information collected will only be used for advertising to the visitor or registered user within the site or on other sites where it is used.

How our information is used and shared

As a visitor or registered user with us, you agree to use all information provided by you or obtained and collected in accordance with the methods indicated in the information collection policy, to be used in developing the site, services, and products and providing them in a manner consistent with the information and data collected. , in order to complete requests quickly and according to the satisfaction of the visitor and user. In addition to informing the visitor or registered user about new services and products, in addition to customization operations according to the desire of the visitor or registered user.

You may also consent to the use or sharing of certain other information as described below:

  • We may use or share various information in the process of complying with the site's policies, as well as the site's duty towards the visitor or registered user to answer various questions and inquiries about the products or services provided.
  • Different companies or people may be used in developing the Site and Services as well as Site features. Such as: providing technical support through a third party, or using external recruitment companies, companies that provide consumer care services, or marketing and advertising companies. All of these companies will be allowed limited access to user information only when absolutely necessary to develop the site and services in a way that suits the consumer in accordance with the law.
  • Some information may be shared with companies participating in the service provided through the site, financiers, or some other companies that have a strong influence within the company.
  • Since we are constantly developing the business, we may sell our own business or buy companies bearing other names but operating within the same management of our website or company as well as the technical team, and we may use the information and data collected under the name of another company or website but with the same administrative, technical and development team.
  • Since we are a company and a legal website, it will be obligatory for us to provide data and information to the legal authorities if necessary. Such as a court order, or an order from the executive branch and the government. Or if the management team of the site or the company believes that there is an urgent need to display information such as: protection of rights, property rights, rights of warranty and security, or any other type of rights that protect the site and the company.

Register or modify data and contact information

The user has the right to remove, review, or change the personal information that he has previously provided, by following the procedures available through the site. The user can also change his contact information or choose the feature not to contact him by clicking Unsubscribe in his email inbox so that he does not receive marketing messages that are sent through the site. It is worth clarifying that we will use periodic marketing campaigns from time to time to show all users what products are in high demand or which are new.

How we protect data

We bear full responsibility in the process of protecting all data and information provided from being plundered, stolen, or accessed by completely unauthorized persons or companies. As well as protecting all data and information from damage or loss. However, the visitor and registered user must know that there is no protection system that cannot be penetrated or fail in some operations over time, as we cannot fully guarantee that the data or information obtained or provided will not be modified by The user sends information to a site that is not related to our main site. Or the user intentionally publishing his data on the site does not guarantee the protection of this data as long as it is not provided and obtained within our site.

In addition, we do not guarantee the protection of the user's e-mail at all, nor do we require the use of the password for the personal e-mail or personal account in electronic banks.

Important notes for users outside the local domain

The site may use hosts and servers managed in Europe, the United States of America, or anywhere else. Please be assured that all information and data recorded and obtained may be transferred for reasons of maintenance operations or increasing the capabilities of the servers, as it is possible that the servers are located outside the local scope of the country or city and that they operate within the law of the host country. If you read this note and do not express any objection, then you, as a visitor or registered user with us, agree without any objection to this policy.

External links

The Site may contain links and external links to other websites. Jaafar Shop does not have any control over the policies of external sites, and we are not responsible for the content, privacy policies, or terms of use of external sites. You should check and read their usage policies as well as the privacy policies of any external site that you access through our site.


We do not collect or accept any personal information from persons under the age of 18 through our website. If you are a person under the age of 18, please do not register on the site, but one of your parents can register on the site instead of you and advise all persons under the age of 18 not to publish their personal information on any website without the consent of the guardian. If you believe that a person under the age of 18 has registered on the site, please send information about this matter via e-mail to

Change the privacy policy

Jaafar Shop may change its privacy policy from time to time. If there are any changes to the privacy policy, they will be written on the privacy policy page on the site. Majaz urges all users to follow the privacy policy page from time to time in order to see the changes that have occurred. It should be noted that if the privacy policy is changed or amended, the user automatically agrees to it.

Rest assured that we work in accordance with the legal regulations for using information and data within the site in accordance with the privacy policies described above.

Buyer policy

Key terms

Buyer: Any user who uses the site’s features and facilities in the shopping process, fully or partially, by browsing the products until receiving the product.

Website: Referred to as the Jaafar Shop website , it is an Internet-connected system that provides all the services and features that facilitate the flow of the sales process, starting with displaying the product to delivering it to the customer and organizing financial payments.

Order/order: It is one or more products that the customer orders from the merchant.

Buyer Protection: Policies and provisions designed to protect the buyer.

Rating/review: This is the buyer's feedback and evaluation of the product after receiving it.

Buyer Services Agreement and Policy

This agreement is considered an integral part of the Jaafar Shop user agreement . Once you use our services, you are considered to agree to all policies and terms of use set by the site.

The process of registering on the site and using the services provided and available on it represents a shopping process for services or products through the site, in addition to representing acceptance of all the terms and policies that will be mentioned, some of which have been mentioned in the terms of use and the site policy. The buyer’s services policy will be referred to later as the “Agreement” or the agreement, which includes all policies, agreements, and directives committed to the site and committed to the seller. The following are the policies for use by the buyer:

  • The site reserves the rights to amend any or all of the terms and conditions mentioned in the buyer’s services agreement and policy, in addition to any directives and policies referred to on the “site” or to provide any of the services according to what the “site” administration deems consistent with its policies and the protection of the seller and the consumer. The buyer will be notified according to the method that the “site” administration deems appropriate to be informed of any developments regarding the amended or added terms or policies. Accordingly, the buyer has the responsibility to review the notification messages sent to him according to the method used to notify him on an ongoing basis. There are also some policies that may change without any prior notice or notice to the buyer.
  • If the buyer continues to use the “Site” or “Site Services” after any modification process, whether after being notified, then the Buyer is considered to have fully agreed to abide by all of the amended or added terms to this agreement, including all policies and agreements described in the “Site.”
  • Any action or movement by the buyer within the “Site” without agreeing to the terms, agreements, and provisions described in the Buyer’s Services Agreement and Policy shall not be subject to the Buyer’s Agreement, and the “Site” has the right to take appropriate action, which may include completely preventing the Buyer from entering or using " the site ".

Personal account

The user is the only person responsible for the information and data contained in his personal account, as well as securing his personal account on the Jaafar Shop website . He is also the only person responsible for all the activities he carries out using the personal account. The user registered on the site must immediately report if his personal account is hacked through our site.

Registration and accounts rules

  • The user must register with real information and not carry out suspected tampering in order to avoid having his account suspended.
  • The user must maintain the confidentiality of his data and not disclose it to any external party, and inform the support team if there is any suspicion that your account information has been leaked or hacked.
  • Your account must not include in any way our brand name.
  • Jaafar Shop is committed to maintaining your personal information and contact addresses and dealing with them in complete confidentiality.
  • In the event of any violation of the rules regarding registration and accounts, Jaafar Shop has the right to suspend your account immediately.

Rules for purchasing through the site

All users are subject to different purchasing rules through the site, and the registered user and visitor agree to abide by the following rules:

  • All users are subject to all payment methods specified through the site. The user must check the payment methods from time to time in the event of any change by adding new payment methods or removing other methods.
  • All users are subject to payment in the monetary currency shown for each product and service through the Site.
  • The product description and explanatory information about it must be read carefully to avoid any misunderstanding about the nature of the product.
  • The user adheres to the process in its official form within the site and communicates with our specialized support team if you need clarification or assistance.

Buyer protection

  • Your basic information and the review you write will be visible to anyone who can browse the product page or the store to which this product belongs.
  • When writing review text or inserting an image, please make sure that it does not contain (your confidential information, an advertisement or comparison to another product, information that may harm you as a user, or the name of the site).
  • The user must consider accuracy and impartiality when writing a review of a particular product.
  • It is prohibited to speak on behalf of our website or any of the registered trademarks.
  • It is prohibited to write any words that violate public morals.
  • Promoting any store or other product through review and feedback on a specific product is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to use the evaluation to blackmail merchants, whether with the aim of obtaining additional benefits or returning the purchase amount.

Communicate with other users

Communication between users is considered one of the facilities we provide at Jaafar Shop , and we are keen to provide facilities independently of any behavior that causes you inconvenience or affects the quality and smoothness of the shopping process. Therefore, Majaz users must adhere to the following rules when using internal correspondence:

  • Do not write words that violate public morals.
  • Do not promote a store, product, or service, and avoid any type of spam.
  • Communicating with people who do not want to, and your correspondence is a source of irritation for them.

Merchandise return rules and policies

The user has the right to return any type of goods in one of the following cases:

  • The product arrived damaged and unusable.
  • Receiving a product that violates the pictures and specifications listed by the store.

Shipping fees related to return orders:

If the user objects within a period of 15 days from receiving the request (user protection period).

  • Receiving a product that violates the pictures and specifications listed by the store.
  • Seller is responsible for shipping fees for returning the product.
  • In the event that Jaafar Shop does not agree to the return request and the user refuses to receive it, Jaafar Shop has the right to act on the status of the request after 30 days.

Note: If there is a defect in one of the products of a specific order, the customer has the right to return the entire order with all products - both intact and defective.

Returned goods

Jaafar Shop or its participating stores have the right to dispose of, destroy, or dispose of the returned goods in the manner it deems appropriate, with the need to inform the relevant supplier and take the necessary measures if this action was taken by Jaafar Shop .

Products not eligible for return

  • A product that matches the specifications mentioned on the site and does not have any manufacturing defect.
  • A product that has been used by the buyer in a way that leads to its specifications being changed or destroyed partially or completely, in addition to any product from which the serial number has been removed.
  • A product that the customer delayed returning for more than 15 days from the date of delivery.

Cancel orders

  • The user has the right to request cancellation or amendment to an order, but before the work team issues the shipping order.
  • The user has the right to cancel an order if the product is not received within the period specified for shipping and delivering this product according to the information that appears during the purchase process. This may happen for the following reasons:
    • There is a defect that prevents the product from actually entering the shipping and delivery process.
    • The user may have typed his address incorrectly, and in this case the user is considered the party responsible for this error.
    • Lack of clear information tracking the shipping and delivery status of the product.

Third Party Services

  • Payment services are made through the original payment service provider through your account or their payment card according to their mechanisms and policies, in addition to any procedures related to the payment process or protection they have.
  • In some cases, third-party services request information about the user who is making the payment process in order to verify his identity in order to protect the payment process from any attempt to hack or impersonate the user’s electronic identity.
  • Your use of a payment service provided by a third party means that you agree to all their laws and policies, and you must observe and adhere to them to ensure that the payment process proceeds as required.
  • The advertisements that you are likely to see on the Jaafar Shop website are advertisements provided by third parties and selected based on certain targeting factors, and it is possible that these third parties collect some information about your behavior and interests on the Internet.

Rights and duties resulting from the payment process

  • Jaafar Shop has the right to suspend, stop, postpone or modify procedures on the available payment gateways and methods at any time, with the need to inform users of this.
  • As a precautionary protection measure, Jaafar Shop has the right to place the restrictions it deems appropriate on the payment process to ensure the continued provision of the service in accordance with the necessary quality and protection standards.
  • Jaafar Shop has the right to refuse the payment process at any time, and for any reason, if there is suspicion that the process might cause any harm to the site.
  • Jaafar Shop maintains a record of payment transactions within the site for the purpose of auditing to ensure the completion of the procedures for the overall process of purchasing the product.
  • We will send the necessary alerts and instructions regarding payment transactions via email or alternative means of communication.
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