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عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰
عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰

Public safety shoes with suede upper - Jogger

Original price 7.250 JOD - Original price 37.990 JOD
Original price 7.250 JOD
37.990 JOD
37.990 JOD - 37.990 JOD
Current price 37.990 JOD
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Product Name: General Safety Shoes Chamoa X2000 - Jacker
Safety Jogger X2000/S3

Country of origin: China

Manufacturer: Jogger

Product Description:

  • Lined from the ankle area, with a long neck
  • Elegant design with attractive color for special people
  • Designed for all-day wear, ensuring foot comfort and ease of movement
  • Metal introduction
  • Metal floor
  • Within the international standard S3
  • Slip-resistant soles with liquids and oils
  • Leatherette exterior for dirt and water resistance
  • Distinctive color

Technical Specifications:


Starting from 38 to 46

Manufacturing material


the face

Canvas, leather

the color Brown and navy blue
Model number X2000


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