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عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰
عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰

Movable warning funnel

Original price 12.500 JOD - Original price 17.500 JOD
Original price
12.500 JOD
12.500 JOD - 17.500 JOD
Current price 12.500 JOD
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Product Name: Mobile warning funnel

Country of origin: China

the manufacture company:

Product Description :

  • A mobile warning funnel is placed to alert and warn drivers approaching you to slow down
  • Base for mounting
  • Slip resistant
  • Eye-catching to ensure your safety in case of emergency
  • When placed, it is confirmed that you need help from other drivers
  • A warning funnel when the light is directed at it, which helps alert drivers to slow down from a distance and that you need help
  • Ease of use
Note: The image is an approximation of the product
Technical Specifications :
Length (meters) 0.8 /1 / 1.2
the color Red and white


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