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عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰
عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰

Total 2 ton crocodile jack

Original price 33.990 JOD - Original price 75.000 JOD
Original price 75.000 JOD
33.990 JOD
33.990 JOD - 64.990 JOD
Current price 33.990 JOD
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Product Name: Total Crocodile Jack

TOTAL Hydraulic floor jack

Country of origin: China

Manufacturer: ( TOTAL , Total )

Product Description:

  • The alligator jack is what is required and needed by any mechanic because it has enough power to get the best quality from all repair equipment. And raise and lower the car for maintenance work.
  • The jack is attached to a handle in order to obtain the appropriate height while working
  • The materials used in this jack are stainless steel and strong
  • Four wheels for easy mobility
  • Movable jack tray
Technical Specifications:
Lifting capacity 2 tons 3 tons
Height range 340-140 mm 134- 410 mm
the weight 8.7 kg 16 kg
Model number
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