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عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰
عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰

Total 30 cm ruler

Original price 1.700 JOD - Original price 3.950 JOD
Original price
1.700 JOD
1.700 JOD - 3.950 JOD
Current price 1.700 JOD
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Product Name: Total 30cm ruler

English name : Total Ruler 30cm

Country of origin: China

Manufacturer: Total

Product Description:
  • The ruler is made of durable stainless steel, making it able to withstand heavy use and be long lasting.
  • The ruler features a slim and lightweight design that makes it convenient for daily use and easy to carry and store.
  • One side of the ruler has an inch scale and another in centimeters to cover many different units.
  • The ruler includes markings for different angles such as acute, straight and curved corners for easy measuring and drawing accurately.
  • The ruler is used in many fields such as drawing, engineering, crafts and more.
  • The ruler can be used to measure different lengths, widths and sizes with high accuracy

Technical Specifications:

height 30 cm
the offer 3 cm
Precision 0.7 mm/m
Manufactured material Anodized aluminum
Model number TMT633002
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