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عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰
عروض الصيف بلشت، استخدم الكود JS5 واحصل على خصم اضافي 🚚💰

1.5 ton full inverter air conditioner from Romo International

Original price 400.000 JOD - Original price 400.000 JOD
Original price 400.000 JOD
475.000 JOD
475.000 JOD - 475.000 JOD
Current price 475.000 JOD
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Product name in Arabic : 1.5 ton full inverter air conditioner from Romo International

Product name in English : Romo International 1.5 Ton Full Inverter Air Conditioner

Brand : Romo International

production : Eid Dahdal and Partners Company

Describe the product and its benefits :

  1. Inverter technology : The air conditioner relies on inverter technology to precisely adjust the compressor speed, which provides efficient energy consumption and maintains a stable temperature.
  2. Powerful and Fast Cooling : Provides a powerful fan and efficient cooling system to achieve fast cooling in the room.
  3. Smart Remote Control : It comes with a remote control that makes it easy for you to adjust the temperature and other functions with ease.
  4. Quiet Design : It features a quiet design that provides effective cooling performance without disturbance.

Product features :

  • Advanced Inverter Technology : Provides energy efficiency and precise temperature control.
  • Fast and Efficient Cooling : A powerful cooling system ensures a fast and comfortable cooling experience.
  • Smart Remote Control : Allows the user to easily adjust the air conditioner's functions via the remote control.
  • Quiet Design : Ensures quiet operation without affecting the quietness of the room.
Technical Specifications :
  • Savings: Save 45% on the label A++
  • The deep sleep feature can be activated
  • As an isolated internal sight
  • Digital digital screen
  • Insulating cover for electrical inlets
  • Double protection filter
  • Timer to set the air conditioning time
  • Turbo fan system
  • Protection breaker on the panel
  • The pipes are entirely made of copper
  • 3-year warranty on the external unit
  • Activable Wi-Fi system
  • Japanese motor operates at multiple speeds to ensure strong performance with minimal electrical effort
  • Air purification feature to filter the air and purify smoke and viruses with the ion treatment system
  • 2-way air control with 3 speeds
  • The device works with smart technology to ensure minimal consumption

In short, the 1.5 Ton Full Inverter Air Conditioner from Romo International is an effective and convenient solution to improve air quality and provide an optimal cooling experience.

The price is subject to the following conditions:

*Installation only inside Amman

* If the air conditioner is ordered without installation, the installation price can be discounted

* Any pipes exceeding 4 metres, the value of the pipes will be added depending on the length

* Any increase or extension in the water line, other fees will be added

* In the case of installation in skylights or areas that need cranes, fees will be added to that.

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